Nick Ashtyn Salon & Spa

The brief started with the request to design the branding for a new salon and spa in Fort McMurray, AB, Canada. The logo was party of a family of logos as it was just one aspect of a series of businesses operated by the same owners. The logos for the companies therefore, had to relate visually some how. Once the design was finalized the salon and spa logo was then applied to a series of printed matter including brochures, business cards, appointment cards, trade-show signage and advertising.

Here are some of those aspects:

Nick Ashtyn Salon & Spa

 Business/Appointment Cards:

NAcards2   NAcards

Promotional posters:

NAposters NAposters2 NAposters3

Salon Brochure:

salonbrochure1 salonbrochure2 salonbrochure3

Graphics for social media:


The branding for all the Nick Ashtyn companies:

Nick Ashtyn Salon & Spa Nick Ashtyn Construction Nick Ashtyn Consulting nickashtyn_www


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