The Prehistoric Peak


A Guide to the Neolithic & Bronze Age Monuments of the Peak District National Park

By Andrew Johnstone

Researched, written and designed by Andrew Johnstone, including all photographs, maps and ground plans. Produced as a primary outcome for the MA Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, England between June 2008 and May 2009.

The book features over 70 prehistoric monuments, each personally visited by the author in order to record them through photography, the drawing of a ground plan of what you can expect to see and includes a map and clear, concise directions on how to find it. The book also includes and introduction to the period as well as useful information on how to make your visits as safe and comfortable as possible.

From the preface:

“I am neither an historian nor archaeologist, so the intention of this book is not to try and explain what they are or what was happening in the Peak District millennia ago, there are people who are far better qualified than I am to do that, whose work you should refer to for that level of understanding. My intention is much simpler: it is to encourage people to go out there and see these places for what they are today, after all, they are often located in some of the most spectacular landscapes available to us in Britain today, which to me is reason enough. They make fascinating destinations for journeys that are about experiencing all the wonders of the world around us. Yes, the destination is certainly something to aim for, but sometimes, as the long process that has brought me to this point has shown me, it is often the journey that informs us the most.”

Andrew Johnstone
May 2009


320 pages
148 mm x 210 mm
Full colour throughout
Bespoke leather binding


Other components include:

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© Andrew Johnstone 2009
Bound by Artisan Bindery
Printed by Orphans Press

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